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Work Kit: Newton Box - A Gravity-Defying Puzzle Challenge

Unlock the Secrets with Gravity

Step into the world of physics with the Work Kit: Newton Box, where gravity is the key to unveiling its secrets. Unlike the "Kurukurukuri Box" from the Work kit series, this puzzle box features a completely different opening mechanism. Intrigued? Discover the fun in both building and solving this unique puzzle!

Written Instructions: Japanese Only

Please note that the step-by-step illustrated instructions for assembly are exclusively in Japanese. Despite the language barrier, the visual aids make the building process engaging and approachable for everyone.

Personalization at its Best

Once assembled, the Newton Box is your canvas. You have the freedom to attach the knob of the lid in any shape you prefer. Paint, draw, or customize to reflect your personal style. Made from plywood and katsura, it offers the perfect foundation for your creativity.

Experience the Challenge

While the Newton Box is rated at a moderate difficulty level, the true challenge lies in the assembly, offering a deeper understanding of the Karakuri mechanisms. It's an enriching experience that bridges building and puzzle-solving.

Family Fun with DIY

This Work Kit isn't just for adults - it's a hit with kids too! Its customizable nature makes it a fun family activity, allowing for hours of painting and coloring once the assembly is complete.

  • Measurements: Approximately 3.07" x 3.07" x 2.01" (box body)
  • Materials: Plywood, Katsura, etc.
  • Producer: Karakuri Creation Group
  • Difficulty Level: 5/10
  • Instructions: Illustrated guide (Japanese only)
  • Note: Enhance your box with personal colors and designs post-assembly.

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