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Get ready for a thrilling linguistic adventure with "Mystery, Mind and Logic Games Mystery Grams" by University Games. This exciting addition to the Mystery, Mind, and Logic line offers a unique spin on word games, blending visual clues with letter cues for a truly enigmatic experience. Perfect for fast-paced fun at home or on the move, this game comes in a compact tin, packed with hours of intellectually stimulating entertainment suitable for both young minds and adults.

  • Title: Mystery, Mind and Logic Games Mystery Grams
  • Manufacturer: University Games
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and up
  • Number of Players: 2 or more
  • Contents: This game includes 64 creative cards and a set of instructions to guide you through the unique gameplay.
  • Gameplay Concept: Mystery Grams combines pictorial and letter elements to create a puzzle. Players decipher words from a mix of images and letter fragments. For example, a card might show the letter "l" + a picture of an eye + "br" + a picture of hair + "e b" + a picture of a hook, challenging players to piece together the intended word or phrase.
  • Brain-Boosting Fun: This game is not just about spelling or vocabulary; it's a test of your ability to think creatively and make connections between different types of clues.
  • Portability: The sleek tin packaging makes it ideal for travel, ensuring you can enjoy brain-teasing fun wherever you go.
  • Educational Value: Mystery Grams is great for enhancing linguistic skills, visual interpretation, and cognitive agility in a fun and engaging way.
  • Mascot's Hint: Our clever monkey mascot loves the mix of visuals and letters in this game! He suggests playing in teams for an added layer of excitement and collaboration. It's a fantastic way to bond and challenge your friends and family!

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