Spiral - Level 5 - Hanayama Cast Puzzle

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Hanayama Cast Puzzle: Spiral

Twist and turn through the Hanayama Cast Puzzle "Spiral". As a Level 5 puzzle, Spiral offers a twisting array of metal that will challenge your perception and dexterity as you work to unravel its secrets.

Key Features:
  • Complexity Rating: Level 5 out of 6, a challenging endeavor for those who enjoy delving into a deeper puzzle experience.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: The Spiral is beautifully made from cast metal, with a design that's both elegant and complex.
  • Helical Design: The intertwined metal pieces of the "Spiral" create a dance of shapes and shadows as you find the path to disentanglement.
  • Advanced Challenge: Perfect for puzzlers who like to twist their minds around a good problem.
  • Collectible: An essential part of the Hanayama puzzle series, "Spiral" is a must for those who appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted puzzle.

Uncoil the "Spiral" and align the pieces to achieve a satisfying resolution.

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