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Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle - Easter Orange: A Vibrant Challenge with a Twist

Celebrate with a Colorful Puzzle

Introducing the Level 2 Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle - Easter Orange, a bright and festive addition to the acclaimed series featuring 14 unique designs. This puzzle not only challenges your brain but also brings a splash of color to your puzzle collection, perfect for the spring season or as a year-round decoration. Designed for those looking to elevate their puzzle-solving skills, the Easter Orange edition is a delightful way to engage with complex labyrinths in a fun, accessible format.

A Decorative Challenge

The journey through this labyrinth is no simple feat. Begin by inserting the wand at the top and navigate through the maze, finding your way to the bottom. But the Easter Orange edition comes with a special twist – included in this set is a Hanger Stick, allowing you to display your egg as a piece of decor once you've conquered its challenges.

Unique Design, Unique Challenge

Each Smart Egg in the collection is distinguished by its own labyrinth design, making every puzzle a fresh and intriguing challenge. The 1-layer, Level 2 complexity of the Easter Orange Egg ensures a satisfyingly intricate experience, setting it apart from its Level 1 counterparts.

Collect and Display

As one of the vibrant 14 designs, the Easter Orange Egg encourages you to expand your collection and test your skills across the series. Its decorative potential adds an extra layer of enjoyment, inviting you to solve, hang, and admire your achievement.

  • Difficulty: Level 2
  • Design: Easter Orange
  • Layers: 1-layer labyrinth
  • Special Feature: Includes a Hanger Stick for decorative purposes
  • Objective: Guide the wand from the egg's top to bottom, then hang as a decorative piece

Embrace the joyous challenge of the Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle - Easter Orange. It's not just a brain teaser; it's a celebration of skill, color, and creativity. Ready to add a pop of Easter cheer to your puzzle adventures?

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