Pond 12 - Level 8 - Yuu Asaka

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Pond 12 - A Captivating Packing Puzzle by Yuu Asaka

Masterful Design and Challenge

Immerse yourself in "Pond 12," a packing puzzle that brilliantly combines design ingenuity with a formidable challenge. Created by the renowned designer Yuu Asaka, this puzzle demands skill and strategy, rated at a challenging level of 8/10. Your objective is clear yet complex: fit all 12 pieces within the frame, a task that will test your spatial reasoning and patience.

Premium Material and Presentation

Crafted from high-quality acrylic, Pond 12 not only presents a mental challenge but also a tactile pleasure. The puzzle is beautifully packaged, measuring 5.43" x 5.43" x 0.71", making it a perfect display piece once solved or a thoughtful gift for puzzle enthusiasts.

Important Notices

  • Please be aware of small pieces and handle them with care.

Embrace the challenge of "Pond 12" and experience the satisfaction of solving one of Yuu Asaka's most intriguing designs. A testament to creativity and problem-solving, this puzzle is sure to become a cherished part of your collection.

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