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Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone Check Point) - A Journey Through Time and Craftsmanship

Embark on a Historic Route
Join the captivating journey from Odawara Castle to Hakone Sekisho barrier with "Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone Check Point)". This unique Karakuri Creation Group puzzle, with a difficulty level of 4.5, challenges you to open the box by skillfully moving a palanquin, capturing the essence of a historic travel method.

Laser-Engraved Elegance
Intricately detailed, fine laser engravings adorn this puzzle, bringing to life the rich heritage and beauty of Hakone. It's a harmonious blend of traditional art and modern craftsmanship.

A Secretive Opening
Similar to the mechanism in "CH-5 Starry Night Walk", the method to open this box remains a secret. It's a delightful challenge that requires your wit and dexterity to solve.

Certified Cultural Specialty
Proudly recognized as a "Hakone Geopark Certified Specialty Product" in 2017, this puzzle stands as a tribute to the area's cultural and geological significance.

  • Size (box body): Approximately 4.72" x 3.31" x 1.89"
  • Size (storage part): Approximately 2.36" x 3.74" x 1.06"
  • Material: Cherry, Keyaki (Zelkova)
  • Note: Natural wood's color and grain may vary from the images. Knots and other natural characteristics may be present.

With its included solution, "Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone Check Point)" is not just a puzzle, it's a voyage through time, waiting for you to unravel its mysteries.

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