N.E.A.T. #01 - Johann Martinez

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N.E.A.T. #01 by Johann Martinez - Embarking on a Creative Puzzle Journey

A Passion Turned Creation

Johann Martinez shares, "As a lifelong puzzle enthusiast, the transition from collector to creator was a natural step for me. 'N.E.A.T. #01' marks my debut into puzzle design, the first in a series of ten puzzles I've conceptualized as 'Not Exactly Another Tangram' (N.E.A.T.). Each of these ten designs exists as a prototype, awaiting its moment to come to life."

Exclusive and Unique

This distinctive restrictive packing puzzle challenges players to fit all pieces into the square board, with each piece featuring a metal peg for slotting into the frame. With only 50 copies produced, each numbered and signed, "N.E.A.T. #01" is a rare gem in the puzzle community.

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Crafted from a blend of birch, walnut, beech, hornbeam, and sequoia woods, this puzzle is not only an intellectual challenge but also a piece of art. Measuring 11 X 11 cm, it's the perfect size for an engaging tabletop experience.

  • Goal: Fill the square board with all the pieces.
  • Materials: Birch, Walnut, Beech, Hornbeam, Sequoia
  • Size: Approximately 4.33" x 4.33"
  • Special Notes: Comes with clues and solution. Sent in unsolved condition unless otherwise requested.

Johann adds, "Achieving sales for 'N.E.A.T. #01' will pave the way for 'N.E.A.T. #02', continuing the series to its tenth puzzle. It's an exciting journey I can't wait to share."

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