Murder at Mardi Gras - Murder Mystery Party

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Step into the vibrant heart of New Orleans with "Murder at Mardi Gras - Murder Mystery Party," a game drenched in the festivities of this iconic celebration, but shadowed by a dark twist. The esteemed Pierre DuPre, King of the Krewe, has been found strangled by an ornate set of Mardi Gras beads. Amidst the chaos of feathered boas and Hurricane drinks, party-goers must shift from revelry to detective work to uncover who among them silenced the king of the carnival.

  • Title: Murder at Mardi Gras - Murder Mystery Party
  • Theme: A lively Mardi Gras setting in New Orleans, filled with festive charm and a mysterious murder.
  • Number of Players: Ideal for 8 players, aged 18 and up, perfect for an immersive group experience.
  • Contents: The game includes a party planner with recipes, menu, and decorating tips, 8 party invitations and envelopes, a police report, character booklets for all suspects, name tags, and 8 secret clues.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Players get to delve into their characters' backgrounds with non-scripted dialogue, creating an authentic and dynamic experience.
  • Engaging Role-Playing: Each character booklet guides players' improvised dialogue, adding depth to the mystery and interactions.
  • Festive Atmosphere: The game captures the essence of Mardi Gras, offering a unique opportunity to mix party fun with a thrilling murder investigation.
  • Party Ready: Equipped with all you need for a memorable Mardi Gras-themed murder mystery party.
  • Mascot's Tip: Our festive-loving monkey mascot suggests decking out your space with Mardi Gras decorations and playing some New Orleans jazz to really get into the carnival spirit!

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