Matrix 8 - Level 8 - Siebenstein Spiele

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Matrix 8 is comprised of 8 clear acrylic pieces nicely arrayed in a wooden base. These 8 elements need to be assembled into a grid. Each piece has unique notches that will slide together at different depths. A great logic puzzle with beautiful presentation!

Siebenstein-Spiele is based in Munster, Germany and founded in 1992. Their puzzles are easily recognized by their laser-cut wooden pieces and natural colors.

  • Made with beautiful laser-cut wood
  • Each puzzle is unique and will have varying wood grains and tones
  • Measures: 2.3" long by 7.9" wide by 1.1" tall
  • Designer: Jürgen Reiche
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Objective: Arrange the 8 pieces into a 4x4 grid

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