LC Racing EMB-1, 1HK, 1HKPro, DT, MT, SC, TC, TG, TGHK, TGHKPro, WRC - Sealed Bearing Kit

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Team JB Hobbies is thrilled to unveil the Monkey Series bearing kits!

Why the "Monkey Series"? Because we believe in infusing a bit of fun and whimsy into the world of precision engineering. Our playful mascot is not just about fun, but also symbolizes our meticulous dedication to quality and high performance.

Each bearing in this series boasts of top-notch craftsmanship: they're rubber-sealed, enriched with premium industrial grease, and handpicked based on the best specification. Rest assured, these bearings are designed to last and to let you enjoy uninterrupted hours monkeying around with your car.

Designed for an impeccable fit, this kit aligns seamlessly with the following car models:

  • LC Racing EMB-1 Buggy
  • LC Racing EMB-1HK Buggy
  • LC Racing EMB-1HKPro Buggy
  • LC Racing EMB-DT Desert Truck
  • LC Racing EMB-MT Monster Truck
  • LC Racing EMB-SC Short Course
  • LC Racing EMB-TC Touring Car
  • LC Racing EMB-TG Truggy
  • LC Racing EMB-TGHK Truggy
  • LC Racing EMB-TGHKPro Truggy
  • LC Racing EMB-WRC Rally

Here's what's inside this comprehensive kit:

  • 5 - 4x7x2.5mm
  • 11 - 4x8x3mm
  • 1 - 7x11x3mm
  • 4 - 8x12x3.5mm

Should you need a greater quantity or a custom kit designed just for you, please reach out to us. We're committed to meeting your unique needs and ensuring optimal performance for your car!

LC Racing EMB-1, 1HK, 1HKPro, DT, MT, SC, TC, TG, THHK, TGHKPro, WRC

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