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Karakuri Small Box #7 - A Delicate Cherry Wood Enigma

A Gentle Start to a Complex Journey

Embrace the challenge of Karakuri Small Box #7, part of the esteemed small box series tailored for beginners and newcomers to the Karakuri world. Crafted from the finest cherry wood, this box initiates you with a smooth first move, luring you into its deeper, cunningly crafted puzzles. Its cube form poses the question: how indeed does it open?

The Element of Surprise

Discovering the method to unveil its secrets may catch you off guard, offering a delightful surprise to the unwrapping experience. The journey through each step, designed to entice and challenge, makes solving this puzzle an achievement in itself.

Secrets Held Within

While the box holds its opening method close, rest assured that solving its mystery is the key to enjoyment. Each Karakuri Small Box #7 comes with a solution, allowing you to relish the discovery process at your pace.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

As with all creations from the Karakuri Creation Group, this puzzle box stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Made primarily from cherry with magnolia accents, it's not just a puzzle but a piece of art. Each box has unique wood grain patterns, making your puzzle one-of-a-kind.

  • Size (box body): Approximately 1.97" x 1.97" x 1.57"
  • Size (storage part): Approximately 0.91" x 1.02" x 0.67"
  • Material: Cherry, Magnolia
  • Producer: Karakuri Creation Group

Step into the world of Karakuri puzzles with Small Box #7, where each discovery is a step closer to mastering the art of Karakuri.

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