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Introducing "Karakuri Small Box #4," a captivating addition to the Karakuri Creation Group's beloved small box series. Tailored for beginners yet holding allure for seasoned collectors, this puzzle box is crafted with the finesse and mystery characteristic of Karakuri's creations. Despite its apparent simplicity and a difficulty rating of 4/10, unlocking its secrets is anything but straightforward. Made from the distinguished zelkova wood, its refined appearance belies the innovative challenge it presents.

Unlike its predecessors, Small Box #4 demands a shift in perspective and an adventurous spirit to discover its opening mechanism. This box isn't just about what meets the eye; it's about the tactile journey to revelation. It opens in a manner distinct from others in the series, encouraging users to engage directly and feel the solution "at once." A testament to the artistry and ingenuity of puzzle design, this piece is sure to enchant and engage anyone eager to test their wits.

  • Measures: 1.89" x 1.89" x 1.65" (box body), 0.87" x 1.06" x 1.10" (storage part)
  • Producer: Karakuri Creation Group
  • Difficulty: 4/10 (challenge your perceptions)
  • Objective: Discover the unique opening mechanism
  • Materials: Keyaki (Zelkova), etc.
  • Color and grain of the wood may vary, highlighting the natural beauty of each piece.
  • Natural imperfections such as knots add character and authenticity to the puzzle.

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