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Step into the world of duality with Janus, a sliding puzzle that's a true test of logic and color coordination! Named after the two-faced Roman god, this puzzle challenges you to balance harmony and contrast across its faces. With a difficulty level of 7/10, Janus is designed to stimulate your mind and tickle your puzzle-solving fancy.

Compact in size at 3.75" x 3.75" x 0.75", Janus is not just any ordinary puzzle. It boasts 3 separate goals that escalate in complexity, ensuring that your journey through this challenge is as rewarding as it is brain-bending. Whether you're in the mood for a casual puzzle session or a serious test of your wits, Janus is ready to oblige.

The essence of Janus lies in its 9 colorful discs, each presenting a unique challenge. With 3 discs of 3 different colors on both the front and back, the puzzle demands a keen eye for detail and a strategic mind. The objective? Slide these discs to achieve harmony and distinction, ensuring that each side of the puzzle meets its distinct criteria.

Janus is not just a puzzle; it's a journey into the realm of color theory and spatial reasoning. As you slide the discs, watch as the colors dance and align according to the rules, each movement bringing you closer to solving the enigma. Janus is a testament to the beauty of complexity, wrapped in a compact, engaging package.

So why not embrace the challenge? With Janus, you'll find yourself immersed in a world where color and logic intertwine, offering a puzzle experience that's as intellectually stimulating as it is visually appealing. Dive into the depths of Janus and let the colors guide you to victory!

  • Features a unique sliding mechanism for engaging puzzle play
  • Includes 9 discs with 3 different colors on both the front and back
  • Measures: 3.75" x 3.75" x 0.75"
  • Level of difficulty: 7/10
  • Designer: Jürgen Reiche
  • 3 Separate Goals:
    • All neighboring discs on the front and backside must have different colors.
    • In every row and column on the front and backside must be 3 different colors.
    • In every row on the frontside and every column on the backside must be 3 discs of the same color.
  • A challenging yet rewarding experience for puzzle enthusiasts

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