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Inside3 - The Barbarian: The Lost City of Tanusul

Embark on a daring adventure with "The Barbarian: The Lost City of Tanusul" from the Inside3 Troglodyte collection. This pocket labyrinth challenges you across three levels, blending visible sections fraught with traps and two enigmatic hidden layers.

Key Features:
  • Three-Level Labyrinth: Navigate through a complex maze spread over three levels, including a visible layer packed with traps and two mysterious hidden sections.
  • Partial Plans for Exploration: Use partial plans to explore the ziggurat of Tanusul, requiring strength, wit, and perseverance akin to The Barbarian himself.
  • Adventurous Missions: Undertake daring missions from finding the Cimmerian steel dagger to stealing a magic orb, each escalating in difficulty and challenge.
  • Ultimate Challenge: The final mission to confront the immense snake is deemed impossible, testing the limits of even the most skilled adventurers.
  • Solution Hints: While a guide provides hints for navigating the treacherous underground, it won't cover everything—some secrets and obstacles must be discovered and overcome through ingenuity.

"The Barbarian: The Lost City of Tanusul" promises an immersive and challenging experience, inviting players to brave the darkness, decipher the maze, and uncover the secrets of Tanusul. Are you ready to test your mettle against this formidable labyrinth?

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