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Inside3 - Mortal 0

The Mortal 0 puzzle from Inside3 is not for the faint of heart—it's reserved for the most experienced labyrinth puzzle enthusiasts. As the final and most challenging puzzle in Inside3's ZERO series, Mortal 0 offers a punishing experience that will put your skills to the test.

Key Features:
  • Expert-Level Challenge: Designed for experts, Mortal 0 presents a dynamic and complex puzzle experience.
  • Punishing Difficulty: With changing orientation, blind corners, and dead-ends, this puzzle is sure to push even the most skilled puzzlers to their limits.
  • No Map: Unlike other puzzles in the ZERO series, Mortal 0 does not come with a map embossed into the side, adding an extra layer of challenge.
  • Non-Dismantlable: Once you start the puzzle and move your puzzle ball from its entry chamber, there's no turning back—there's no option to take it apart.
  • Ultimate Challenge: The Mortal 0 puzzle is the ultimate test of skill and perseverance, offering an unparalleled challenge for seasoned puzzle enthusiasts.

The Mortal 0 puzzle is the ultimate test of skill and endurance. With its intricate design and unforgiving nature, it's sure to provide hours of intense puzzling—and perhaps a few moments of frustration. Only those brave enough to face the darkness without a map and with the risk of losing their puzzle ball forever should dare to take on the Mortal 0.

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