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Inside3 - Mean Phantom

Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge with the Inside3 - Mean Phantom puzzle. Described by Inside3 as mean, this puzzle lives up to its reputation with a labyrinth that's fiendishly long and incredibly complex.

Key Features:
  • Fiendishly Long and Complex Labyrinth: Tackle a labyrinth that's sure to test your skills and determination to the limit.
  • Included Map: Navigate through the maze with the assistance of a detailed map.
  • Secret Phantom Ball: Discover a hidden phantom ball locked inside the cube, adding an extra layer of challenge to the puzzle-solving experience.
  • Patience and Intuition: Exercise patience, map skills, and intuition as you work your way through the intricate maze.
  • Made in France: Crafted to high standards in France for exceptional quality and durability.
  • Smart Packaging: Comes in smart packaging for easy storage and portability.

Embark on an epic journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected obstacles as you strive to conquer the Mean Phantom puzzle!

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