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Inside3 - The Skull: Mia's Disturbing Journey

"The Skull" invites you on a perilous adventure into the realm of Yokai, where Mia's quest is to recover her dog's soul from a giant carved skull. Navigate through a labyrinth filled with dangers to secure the soul and escape.

Key Features:
  • Yokai Adventure: A journey through a mystical and perilous world, beautifully illustrated by Mia Finden.
  • Unique Mission: A heart-rending mission to save a soul, combining emotional depth with puzzle-solving.
  • Immersive Gameplay: A game that excites the imagination and provides exhilarating moments for all players.
  • Inclusive Universe: Accessible to all, with a story enriched by captivating illustrations and engaging challenges.
  • Solo or Multiplayer: Perfect for individual play or sharing the adventure with friends, proudly Made In France.

Embark on Mia's journey with "The Skull" and experience an adventure that blends emotion with the thrill of escape.

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