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Inside3 - The Ninja and the Masamune Katana

Steal into the shadows with "The Ninja," a thrilling mission to retrieve the Masamune Katana from the Dojo of Lord Komotochi's palace. This game plunges you into the world of Ninjas, where stealth and strategy are your greatest allies.

Key Features:
  • Ninja Stealth Mission: A daring adventure to secure a legendary katana, illustrated by Boulet.
  • Strategic Maze: Navigate through a complex maze that simulates the intricacies of a Ninja's path.
  • Engaging Challenge: Perfect for players who love a mix of history, mystery, and strategic puzzle-solving.
  • Artistic Depth: Enhanced by stunning illustrations that bring the narrative and challenges to life.
  • Versatile Play: Suitable for solo adventurers or as a cooperative challenge, made with excellence in France.

Join the quest with "The Ninja" and prove your prowess by escaping with the treasured katana.

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