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Inside3 - Cthulhu Phantom

Enter the realm of the unknown with the Inside3 - Cthulhu Phantom puzzle. This mysterious labyrinth puzzle is shrouded in secrecy and challenges even the most seasoned puzzlers.

Key Features:
  • Ultimate Challenge: The Cthulhu Phantom puzzle is the hardest and most devious labyrinth puzzle developed by Inside3, designed to push puzzlers to their limits.
  • No Map: Unlike other puzzles, the Cthulhu Phantom does not come with a map, adding an extra layer of complexity and mystery to the solving process.
  • Sensory Experience: Players must rely on their senses to navigate the ball through the labyrinth, exploring all possible avenues within the darkness of the chamber.
  • Impeccable Manufacturing: Manufactured in France to impeccably high standards, ensuring precision, quality, and durability in every aspect of the puzzle.
  • Fun Packaging: Presented in Inside3’s signature, fun packaging, the Cthulhu Phantom puzzle adds an element of excitement and intrigue to your puzzle-solving experience.

Are you brave enough to unravel the secrets of the Cthulhu Phantom? Dive into the depths of this enigmatic puzzle and test your skills against its formidable challenges.

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