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Inside3 - Awful Phantom Puzzle

Dare to unlock the enigmatic depths of the "Awful Phantom," a notoriously challenging puzzle from Inside3's Phantom Series. Rated at a formidable difficulty of 9/10, this puzzle transcends conventional labyrinth games by introducing a hidden twist – a secret phantom ball designed to add confusion and complexity to your solving experience. Unlike anything else in the Inside3 lineup, the "Awful Phantom" is not just about navigating through a maze; it's about outsmarting the unseen.

Key Features:
  • Elusive Phantom Ball: The presence of a hidden phantom ball, locked away in a secret chamber, serves to disrupt your sensory guidance, demanding a blend of patience, keen intuition, and advanced map skills.
  • Daunting Complexity: Packed with more traps and dead-ends than any other puzzle in the Inside3 range, the "Awful Phantom" is designed to challenge and perplex.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Solving this puzzle requires more than mere manipulation; it calls for strategic thinking and a willingness to embrace the puzzle's inherent deceptiveness.
  • French Craftsmanship: Made in France, the "Awful Phantom" reflects Inside3's commitment to quality, creativity, and puzzle innovation.
  • Decorative Piece: Beyond its puzzle appeal, it stands as a conversation-starting showpiece that embodies the mystery and intrigue of its design.

With the "Awful Phantom," Inside3 invites you to a battle of wits against the unseen. Can you navigate the maze, outwit the phantom ball, and solve the puzzle? Or will the shadows of complexity leave you wandering in circles? Embrace the challenge, discover the secrets, and claim your victory over the "Awful Phantom."

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