Helix - Level 5 - Hanayama Cast Puzzle

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Hanayama Cast Puzzle: Helix

Embark on a spiraling challenge with the Hanayama Cast Puzzle "Helix". Rated Level 5, this puzzle presents an intricate dance of twists and turns, ideal for advanced puzzlers. Its helical design is not only mesmerizing but also offers a complex labyrinth to be solved.

Key Features:
  • Complexity Rating: Level 5 out of 6, suitable for experienced puzzlers seeking a substantial challenge.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Precision-made from high-quality cast metal, ensuring durability and a rich tactile experience.
  • Intricate Design: The "Helix" features a sophisticated spiral structure that demands strategic disentangling.
  • For Advanced Puzzlers: A must-have for those who enjoy puzzles that test both patience and intellect.
  • Collectible: A captivating piece in the Hanayama puzzle series, admired for its complexity and elegance.

About Hanayama Cast Puzzles:

Known for their masterful designs, Hanayama offers puzzles ranging from beginner to expert levels. The "Helix" puzzle is a testament to their expertise in creating puzzles that are as engaging as they are challenging.

Solve the spiral mystery of the "Helix" and enjoy the triumph of unraveling its complex coils.

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