Green 13 - Level 8 - Yuu Asaka

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Brought to you by the same designer of the Jigsaw 29 Puzzle, this is design No. 10 (Dec 2022) in the series of wonderfully tricky packing puzzles by Yuu Asaka.

With his usual style, he has managed to make a very simplistic looking puzzle more complicated than it first appears. The difficult part of Green 13 is arranging the 9 irregularly shaped green pieces in such a way that the 4 white circles will also fit into the frame. A great target time for this puzzle is 1.5 hours.

A wonderfully creative quality packing puzzle that is sure to delight Yuu Asaka fans! It is also a perfect coffee table puzzle and fun to pass around to your friends.

Yuu Asaka was born in Takasaki, Japan, and studied art at Akita University. In his third year, he decided to do a puzzle as part of an assignment. He wanted to take advantage of unspoken assumptions and rules created by people and invented an amazing puzzle that needs to be solved with "out of the box" thinking. He is the creator of Jigsaw 29 - the puzzle that won the "Honorable Mention" award at the 2018 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition. After that, he went on to create a whole series of puzzles, find most of them here!

  • Made with high quality acrylic
  • Measures: 5.4" wide by 3.8" long by 0.25" thick
  • Designer: Yuu Asaka
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Target Time: 1.5 hours
  • Objective: Fit all pieces into the frame

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