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Egg by Akio Kamei - A Karakuri Puzzle with a Surprise Inside

A Unique Egg-sperience Awaits

Discover the Egg, an exquisitely crafted egg-shaped Karakuri box that presents a delightful challenge. Crafted from cherry wood, its smooth, rounded shape begs the question - how does one open it? This puzzle encourages you to explore and find the clever mechanism to reveal its secret.

A Peek Inside

Once opened, you are greeted by a charming surprise that's sure to bring a smile. Each Egg puzzle box is a testament to the beauty and intricacy of Karakuri design, offering not just a puzzle but a heartwarming discovery.

Artistry in Cherry Wood

Each Egg is unique, with the natural grain of the cherry wood ensuring no two are exactly alike. Over time, watch as your Egg gently ages, its color deepening to a rich hue, adding to the personal journey of your Karakuri puzzle.

  • Size (box body): Approximately 2.36" x 2.36" x 3.15"
  • Size (storage part): 0.83" x 0.67"
  • Material: Cherry
  • Craftsman: Akio Kamei
  • Difficulty Level: 3/10

Indulge in the enchanting world of Karakuri with the Egg puzzle box. A marvel of craftsmanship that promises not just a challenge but also a lasting treasure to behold and enjoy.

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