Dungeon and Dragons Themed Elemental Runes - Level 7 - Packing Puzzle

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The goal of this puzzle is to fit all four pieces flat into the tray provided.  

This design is inspired by puzzle designer Jürgen Reiche and modified by Jonathan Borders of Team JB Hobbies.  

This puzzle was designed to be incorporated into Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.  The four pieces are designed to be runes with four elemental symbols carved into them.  These symbols closely tie to those used by the cults found in the module - Princes of the Apocalypse by Wizards of the Coast.  

One possible idea would be to have your players find a stone slab surrounded by ancient writing - a riddle that points them to find four stones representing the elements fire, earth, water, and air.  The players are to place the stones on the slab but once they do they find that the stones will not fit in the slab easily.  They must complete the packing puzzle to find the correct orientation that allows all stones to lay flat.

This puzzle is constructed with a black acrylic base/frame which really makes the neon acrylic pieces pop.  Even if you are not interested in Dungeons and Dragons this is still a beautiful puzzle to fit into your collection.

  • Difficulty Rating: 7/10
  • Designed by: Jonathan Borders with Inspiration from Jürgen Reiche
  • Tray Measures: 3.5" wide by 3.5" tall by 0.23" thick
  • No force is required

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