Death By Chocolate - Murder Mystery Party

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Step into a world of intrigue and deception with "Death By Chocolate - Murder Mystery Party," a captivating game set against the backdrop of 1900's Paris. It's Easter Sunday, April 15, 1900, and the city is abuzz with excitement for the opening of the International Exposition. However, the celebratory atmosphere at the Hotel Paradiso is shattered by a shocking event: the death of Billy Bonka, America's foremost chocolate manufacturer, killed by an explosive Easter Egg. As a member of an elite but diverse group of individuals at the hotel, you find yourself embroiled in a tantalizing mystery where everyone's a suspect, and trust is a luxury you can't afford.

  • Title: Death By Chocolate - Murder Mystery Party
  • Theme: Set in Paris, 1900, this game immerses players in a historical yet timeless tale of mystery and intrigue.
  • Number of Players: 6-8 adults, perfect for an intimate evening with friends or a unique party experience.
  • Contents: The game includes a detailed party planner, invitations, recipes, and a compelling murder mystery to solve.
  • Role-Playing: Players get to dress up and assume the roles of devious suspects, each with their own secrets and motives.
  • Gameplay Experience: Offers a mix of social interaction, problem-solving, and role-playing, ideal for those who love to immerse themselves in a story.
  • Dining Options: Whether you serve a full meal or just light snacks, the game is designed to complement any dinner setting, adding an extra layer of fun to your gathering.
  • Perfect for: Murder mystery enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone who loves a good chocolate-themed plot twist!
  • Mascot's Mystery Tip: Our monkey mascot loves a good mystery and suggests dimming the lights and playing some period-appropriate music to set the mood for a night of suspense and intrigue!

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