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Circe by Rex Rossano Perez: A Mythical Challenge in Modern Form

Unleash the Magic of Circe

Enter the enchanting world of Circe, a 3D printed packing puzzle that captures the cunning and magic of its namesake, the goddess from Greek mythology. Designed by the talented Rex Rossano Perez, this puzzle challenges solvers to unlock the secrets of a restrictive white cage by perfectly assembling four uniquely shaped orange pieces within a 3x3 voxel space at the cube's center.

Deceptively Simple, Ingeniously Complex

Do not be misled by its straightforward appearance; the Circe puzzle embodies deceptive simplicity but is engineered with superb precision. Each piece must be strategically placed, requiring thoughtful maneuvering and planning akin to the sorcery of Circe herself, who transformed her enemies into animals with a mere wave of her hand.

Enhanced Tactile Experience

Each of the puzzle pieces is 3D printed with a high amount of infill, giving them a substantial, heavy feel that enhances the tactile experience during the solving process. This weight adds a satisfying dimension to your interaction with Circe, making each move feel more impactful and deliberate.

A Craft of Creativity and Challenge

Produced by Team JB Hobbies, this puzzle represents our commitment to bringing innovative and creative problem-solving experiences to enthusiasts around the world. Made with high quality 3D printing technology, Circe is a testament to the fusion of artistic design and modern puzzle crafting techniques.

About the Designer

Rex Rossano Perez, hailing from the Philippines, is known for his sequential discovery style puzzles that combine elegant simplicity with complex engineering. His designs challenge and delight by transforming simple actions into complex results, much like the legendary transformations wrought by his puzzle's namesake.

  • Material: 3D printed in high-quality plastic with substantial infill
  • Goal: Assemble all pieces to fill the designated space within the cube
  • Dimensions: Cube occupies a 3x3 voxel space
  • Producer: Team JB Hobbies
  • Designer: Rex Rossano Perez

Dive into the mythological challenge of Circe and discover if you have what it takes to master this cleverly crafted puzzle. Are you ready to channel your inner sorcerer and unlock the magic within?

Want to print it yourself?  Grab the files here!

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