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Cassiopeia - Small by Akio Kamei: A Stellar Puzzle Experience

Unlock the Mysteries of the Cosmos

Embark on a celestial puzzle adventure with the Cassiopeia - Small, a compact version of the beloved original. Crafted with precision and creativity by the esteemed Akio Kamei, this puzzle box integrates the elegance of the night sky into its design. The surface features constellations like "Cassiopeia" and the "Polar Star," which are not just for show but are integral clues to unlocking the secrets held within.

A Compact Challenge

Though smaller and more economical than its predecessor, the Cassiopeia - Small does not compromise on challenge. With a difficulty level of 5/10, it offers a clever interplay of movements that will test your problem-solving skills. The constellation dots elegantly presented on the top of the box serve as your guide through this astronomical puzzle.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

This puzzle is meticulously handcrafted from walnut and magnolia, with rhinestone embellishments that mimic the twinkling stars of the night. Its refined materials and build not only make it a challenging brain teaser but also a beautiful artistic piece.

Dimensions and Material

  • Overall Size: Approximately 3.39" x 3.39" x 2.60" (box body)
  • Internal Storage: Approximately 2.36" x 2.60" x 0.71" (storage space)
  • Materials: Walnut, Magnolia, Rhinestone, etc.
  • Designer: Akio Kamei
  • Produced by: Karakuri Creation Group

A Puzzle That’s Both a Game and a Gem

Whether you are a seasoned puzzler or a beginner, the Cassiopeia - Small is designed to provide a satisfying challenge with a few thoughtful moves. Solve the puzzle, uncover the mechanism inspired by the heavens, and reveal the hidden compartment. It's a perfect blend of intellectual challenge and aesthetic beauty, making it a must-have for any puzzle enthusiast.

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