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Apple Tree - Designed by Benjamin Heidt

Dive into the arboreal beauty and complexity of the Apple Tree puzzle, a remarkable creation by designer Benjamin Heidt. Crafted from American Walnut, Acacia, and adorned with Padauk apples, this puzzle presents a stunningly detailed representation of an apple tree. It invites a journey of discovery, requiring exploration in all directions to initiate the first piece movement. What follows is a thrilling sequence of events that echo the excitement of a rollercoaster, leading to moments of slight panic and awe as pieces move unexpectedly in various directions.

Key Features:
  • Intricate Design: Beautifully shaped to resemble an apple tree, complete with foliage and apples, creating a visually captivating puzzle experience.
  • Engaging Challenge: A sequence of movements and a series of removable pieces lead to a dynamic and engaging disassembly and assembly process.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with American Walnut and Acacia, featuring Padauk apples, this puzzle boasts durability and a natural aesthetic appeal.
  • Dimensions: Measuring approximately 2.76 in x 2.76 in x 4.72 in, the puzzle is a substantial piece that is both a challenge and a work of art.
  • Assembly Puzzle: Beyond its initial appearance in "transport configuration," the ultimate challenge lies in reassembling the tree with a specific arrangement of apples, offering a rewarding and fun experience.

The Apple Tree puzzle is not just a test of disassembly but an intricate assembly challenge, providing a fulfilling and joyful puzzle-solving adventure. Are you ready to experience the delightful complexity of this arboreal masterpiece?

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