Amulet - Level 8 - Rademic & James Stanley

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Rademic Puzzles presents a new puzzle! The designer of this great 3D style maze puzzle is James Stanley from Great Britain. Radek Micopulos transferred it into a metal form and gave the part inside an unconventional look, a design inscription and a secret message. A brushed, polished stainless steel cage and two sliding bronze bars hold the mint green amulet.

Free the mysterious amulet by sliding the bronze bars back and forth to allow it to move through the slots in the outside of the puzzle. An creative and attractive puzzle whose quality stands the test of time!

  • Measures: 3.5" tall by 2" in diameter
  • Weighs: 10oz
  • Designer: James Stanley
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Objective: Free the Amulet

All metals tarnish over time. Residual oil and salt from handling speed up the process and may leave undesirable fingerprints. Wipe down your puzzle with a microfiber cloth between uses and the occasional use of a metal polishing kit with a coat of Renaissance Wax will keep your metal puzzles in great condition.

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