A Taste for Wine and Murder - Murder Mystery Party

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Savor the mystery of California's wine country with "A Taste for Wine and Murder - Murder Mystery Party." Set amidst the idyllic vineyards and charming wineries, the annual wine-tasting festival takes a dark turn with the discovery of local vineyard owner Barry Underwood's body in his wine cellar. Missing for five years, the sudden unearthing of his body uncorks a barrel of new clues and suspicions. As one of the guests at this once-peaceful event, you might just find yourself a prime suspect in this vintage murder.

  • Title: A Taste for Wine and Murder - Murder Mystery Party
  • Theme: Set in the scenic California Wine Country, this game infuses the elegance of wine-tasting with the thrill of a murder mystery.
  • Number of Players: Designed for 6-8 players, aged 18 and up, perfect for a sophisticated yet suspenseful party experience.
  • Contents: Includes a party planner with recipes, menu, and decorating tips, character booklets for all suspects, name tags, party invitations and envelopes, 6 secret clues, and optional audio access for a comprehensive gaming experience.
  • Role-Playing: Each guest embodies a character entwined in the mystery, offering a complex blend of storytelling and interaction.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Players engage in unraveling the mystery of Barry Underwood's untimely demise, piecing together clues to reveal the truth.
  • Wine Country Setting: Immerse yourself in the culture of wine-tasting, ideal for enthusiasts and mystery fans alike.
  • Party Preparation: Everything needed to host an immersive murder mystery wine-tasting event is at your fingertips.
  • Mascot's Hint: Our wine-loving monkey mascot suggests enhancing the atmosphere with a selection of wines and a playlist of vineyard-inspired music to set the perfect mood for solving this intriguing mystery.

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