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3 Candles

Designed by: Osanori Yamamoto

Produced by: Pelikan Puzzles

Difficulty Level: 7/10

Dimensions: 2.36" x 2.36" x 3.15"

Material: Merbau, Maple

Product Description:

The 3 Candles puzzle, designed by Osanori Yamamoto and produced by Pelikan Puzzles, is a beautifully crafted and challenging puzzle. Made from rich Merbau and a single block of Maple, this puzzle measures 2.36" x 2.36" x 3.15". Osanori Yamamoto is known for his innovative designs, particularly in the category of packing puzzles with restricted entry boxes. This puzzle, however, offers something unique and enjoyable for solvers of any level.

Kevin Sadler's Review:

"Osanori-san features very prominently on this blog! He is an incredible designer – so much so that Pelikan uses one of his creations in almost every release. He specializes in packing puzzles with restricted entry boxes but has designed in many other categories. This one is something special and fun. It is absolutely perfect for solvers of any level. I consider myself an experienced solver (though not very good at them), and this challenge really hooked me. Jakub and his team have crafted the six pieces of this puzzle from beautiful rich and deeply grained Merbau, with a single block of Maple. Initially, I thought it was a version of the Soma cube, but the pieces are larger and seem to total 28 voxels (one more than the Soma cube's requirement). I had to ask for instructions and was told that these pieces can be assembled into a cube with a single voxel protruding, and the goal was to position the protrusion as the white Maple cubie – the candle flame.

The challenge: The flame can be in one of three different positions – center, edge, corner. I am not very good at assembling shapes from polyominoes – the Soma cube is still difficult for me despite having many solutions, and I have yet to solve the Sisu puzzle from the previous release (it is still in stock if you want to give it a try). This challenge really gripped me – the premise is so simple and there is a major clue in knowing the flame's position. It is still a wonderful challenge that took me several hours to find all three solutions. This was again so different from the other Osanori-san challenges and so accessible that it is a no-brainer purchase. Perfect to challenge yourself as a puzzle addict or to challenge the significant others in your life."

  • Unique Design: Innovative puzzle with three distinct challenges
  • Material: Crafted from rich Merbau and Maple
  • Challenge: Assemble the pieces into a cube with the flame (Maple cubie) in three different positions – center, edge, corner
  • Objective: Find all three solutions by positioning the flame correctly

The 3 Candles puzzle is a stunning and challenging addition to any collection, combining beautiful craftsmanship with a rewarding and logical solution process.

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