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2-Step Trick Drawer by Hiroshi Iwahara - A Cleverly Designed Puzzle

Inspired Craftsmanship

Derived from the ingenuity of Kamei's "Whiskey Bottle" (P-4), the 2-Step Trick Drawer offers an engaging puzzle experience in a compact and affordable form. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this item challenges you to discover its secrets through a series of intuitive steps.

A Dual Challenge

The front half of the drawer reveals itself with ease, housing an inner lid that hints at the complexity to come. However, the true puzzle lies in unlocking the back half. Are you ready to take on the six steps required to unveil its mysteries?

Simplicity Meets Complexity

What appears to be a straightforward operation conceals the intricate mechanism that defines this puzzle. This piece is not just about solving but appreciating the simplicity in which the solution is hidden.

Distinguished Materials

Constructed from walnut, camphor tree, and maple, the 2-Step Trick Drawer is as much a work of art as it is a puzzle. Each material choice adds to the aesthetic and tactile enjoyment, promising a puzzle that's satisfying to both the hands and the eyes.

  • Size (box body): Approximately 2.60" x 4.69" x 2.60"
  • Storage Space: 1.61" x 1.26" x 1.50" and 1.61" x 2.32" x 1.50"
  • Material: Walnut, Camphor Tree, Maple
  • Craftsman: Hiroshi Iwahara
  • Difficulty Level: 5/10

Embrace the challenge and charm of the 2-Step Trick Drawer, a testament to the playful complexity and craftsmanship of Karakuri Creation Group.

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