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This video is PACKED with over twenty years of material picked up by Rocco including gems from Slydini, Bobo, and of course original creations from the two time FISM winner himself. The best part about this video is that Rocco not only teaches you techniques, but also subtleties that enhance classic effects you may already know. These tips alone are worth the price of the video.

Some of the material covered in this video:

Coin Roll Outs
Classic Palms
Thumb Palms
Downs Palms
Back Palms
Back Finger Palms
Tenkai Palms
Back Clips
Okito Coin Box Palms
Finger Palms
Edge Grip
Han Ping Chien
And various other grips and palms

You will also learn:

Coins Across: Using a devious and simple to make gimmick four coins jump from one hand to another.
Coins and Ring Across: Three coins and a ring jump from one hand to the next. For the final phase the last coin jumps into the spectator's hand.
Table Coin Vanish: One of the cleanest coin vanishes you will ever learn.
Rocco's Cigarette Through Coin: Using a non-traditional easy to make gimmick Rocco shows you his spin on a cigarette through coin.
And many more routines, vanishes, grips, and palms!

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