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You show a playing card deck made up of all queens from different decks of cards. You explain that the deck is a Harem of Queens.


The entire deck is made up of Queens except for one lonely Joker card. The Queens are place into the card box and your spectator is allowed to insert the Joker anywhere that they like in the deck. The Joker is choosing his Queen!

The Joker is inserted into the deck anywhere at all, it is a free choice, but when the cards are taken out and spread on the table the card that lays beside the Joker is not a Queen at all but a Jack! The Joker is then turned into the a King and the King and Jack can now join the Queens for the evening. 

This is a story based trick that you can customize to your own personality. 


- You'll compose your deck according to your personality, so it'll be easy to develop a winning presentation.

- You'll get great response from your audience : they are looking at A VERY DIFFERENT CARD EFFECT.

- You show 11 or 12 different kind of Queens in the same deck: a delight for Your audience's SIGHT and curiosity

- The routine is very easy to perform with EVERYTHING always UNDER THE PERFORMER'S CONTROL.

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