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RUG-RUG Puzzle by Alfons Eyckmans

Embark on a challenging journey with the RUG-RUG Puzzle, masterfully designed by Alfons Eyckmans. Crafted from the exquisite combination of Wenge and Limba, this puzzle features a unique composition: a 6-piece burr encasing a smaller 12-piece burr within. Measuring approximately 4.33" x 4.33" x 4.33", it presents a formidable and rewarding challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.

Key Features:
  • Intricate Design: A complex structure combining a 6-piece and 12-piece burr, demonstrating Alfons Eyckmans' ingenious puzzle crafting skills.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from the finest Wenge and Limba, ensuring a durable and visually stunning puzzle.
  • Advanced Challenge: Despite a disassembly level of "only", the interaction between numerous pieces elevates the solving difficulty significantly.
  • Engaging Exploration: Offers an array of moves and requires a strategic approach to disassembly, making it an exciting puzzle for experienced solvers.
  • Substantial Size: Its chunky size enhances the tactile experience and appeal of the puzzle.

As described by Kevin Sadler, the RUG-RUG Puzzle is not just a gorgeous piece but also a mind-bending challenge that promises to engage and intrigue. Are you ready to take on this exquisite and complex puzzle?

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