Replacement Pieces for Staunton Triple Weighted Chess Pieces

Piece: Black King
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Did you accidently break one of your pieces?  Not to worry, we have you covered.  These pieces are to replacements for our 3.75" King Staunton Triple Weighted Chess Piece set.  One of the most common sets you will find in schools or clubs.  

  • Note - With use, the weights in the pieces may come loose.  To remedy this carefully remove the felt and use an epoxy to secure the weights.  Let dry and reattach the felt with rubber cement, or any general purpose glue.

Piece sizes and weights:

  • King: 3-3/4" High, 1-1/2" Base, 51g weight
  • Queen: 3" High, 1-1/2" Base, 45g weight
  • Bishop: 2-1/2" High, 1-1/4" Base, 24g weight
  • Knight: 2-1/4" High, 1-1/4" Base, 34g weight
  • Rook: 1-7/8" High, 1-1/4" Base, 35g weight
  • Pawn: 1-3/4" High, 1-1/16" Base, 14g weight

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