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The idea of making a spectator to choose a specific card while apparently giving them a feel that it was a completely free choice has intrigued magicians for years and is one of the key tools in a magicians/mentalists arsenal. In this download, you will learn 10 different ways to force a card, all of which are easy to do and workable for real live magic. You no longer have to rely on the same few forces you have been using and face the risk of being caught.

Learn 10 different methods and ideas of forcing a card on your spectator, expanding your tools for tricks which rely on forcing a card on your spectators.

1. Hindu Force
2. Push back Force
3. Dribble Force
4. Slip Force
5. Riffle Force
6. Pinky Force
7. Bottom Deal Force
8. Box Force
9. Drop Force
10. Glide Force

Download the video and learn now!

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