Liquid PH 0-14 Sensor Module/PH Electrode Probe BNC for Arduino w Buffer Powder

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Liquid PH0-14 Sensor Module and PH Electrode Probe BNC

The electrode is made of ph glass electrode and a reference electrode combined composite electrode, which is ph meter measuring sensor for measuring the concentration of an aqueous solution of h (ph value), it is widely used in various fields to be detected in the ph.

The PH electrode has a single cylinder that allows direct connection to the input terminal of a PH meter, controller, or any PH device which has a BNC input terminal. The PH electrode probe is accurate and reliable that can gives almost instantaneous readings.

Package Includes

  • Liquid PH0-14 Value Detect Test Sensor Module
  • PH Electrode Probe Hydroponic Sensor BNC Interface
  • 3 PH buffer powders for calibration
  • Instructions on how to configure the offsets
  • Sensor module may not calibrate all the way to 2.5v for PH7, however it will be close and instructions tell how to configure you sketch to account for it
  • Please note that the sensor works best in calm water - a current may cause fluctuations


  • Heating voltage: 5 ± 0.2V (AC · DC)
  • Working current: 5-10mA
  • Detectable concentration range: PH0-14
  • Detection Temperature range: 0-80 ℃
  • Response time: ≤5S
  • Settling Time: ≤60S
  • Component Power: ≤0.5W
  • Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃ (nominal temperature 20 ℃)
  • Humidity: 95% RH (nominal humidity 65% RH)
  • Module Size: 42mm × 32mm × 20mm
  • Output: analog voltage signal output
  • With 4pcs M3 Mounting Holes

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