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If you are a children's magician, then this book is for you!

Although there are no specific trick explanations, Regardt focuses on full routines, their presentation, patter and entertainment value rather than trick secrets. Most of all, these routines will entertain BOTH the children and the adults. After all, how often do the mums and dads actually watch the show too. Here you learn to keep them happy as well!

Of course the main focus is to still entertain the children, as that is the whole purpose of being booked as a children's magician at a party, or event. However, even though the kids are the focus audience, the adults are the paying clients; so why not keep them happy too?

Foreword by David Ginn

"This book is not about trick secrets. Instead, it deals with using those tricks and what you say to keep kids entertained while amusing the parents. Simply reading Laubscher's book carefully, therefore, will teach you how to work on that double level to make both parties happy. Of course, what you learn from Entertaining Parents & Kids you must adapt to your own tricks and personality. But reading this book will give you a head start. I suggest you check it out."

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