Diff Cups / Wheel Hubs - Set of 4 (A949-14)

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Replace those weak plastic diff cups with these cool blue all-metal ones.

Picture yourself letting loose with your WLToys car.  You are on the street doing donuts, but wait something's wrong.  Your car isn't as responsive anymore, you lost your rear-wheel drive.

Don't be like me, get ahead of it, and never worry about grinding out your diff cups again.

  • Made with high quality aluminum alloy
  • Cups may fit a little loosely, but function perfectly when fully assembled
  • Replacement for part number: A949-14
  • For: A949, A959, A959B, A969, A979, K929
  • Length: 19.2mm
  • Diameter Top: 11.1mm
  • Diameter Bottom: 5mm

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