Clockwise Vanish by Ra Magic Shop and Julio Sanchez video DOWNLOAD

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Clockwise Vanish is a great trick that you can use for many situations, even for Social Media.

Take a card in your hand and make it disappear in front of everybody's eyes, only, the card disintegrates in the air, visibly in a clockwise direction.

Are you a Manipulator? If so, this is for you!
Are you a Social Media Magician? Yep. Also for you!
Do you want a different trick for your musical act? Guess what? Clockwise Vanish is for you!

A new generation of versatile Magic, be on the forefront and get it today.

"I thought it was a camera trick but no, Julio Sánchez has undoubtedly taken the disappearance of a card to another level"
-Patricio Terán

"Just saw your amazing "Clockwise Vanish" UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Congrats!"
-Joaquín Kotkin (The Half Beard Magician)

"Super visual! Magic for the 21st century"
-Felix Bodden

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