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"I love the versatility of this. The impromptu aspect, the fairness of the process, all the pieces of a strong ACAAN effect. And the dead cut had me sold!"
- Jeremy Grifftih

"A super complete tutorial, beyond the effect that Josep proposes to us, I am sure you will find subtleties, details and techniques that you can use in many effects in your repertoire"
- Adrian Vega

"Josep thinks like a spectator and his ACAAN effect epitomizes one of the best structured effects I have seen in sometime "
- Howard Hamburg

This is an Impromptu ACAAN that has been designed to fool magicians and have a strong impact on people's magic experience. The fairness of the method and simple but clever techniques makes it easy to learn and implement on your professional magic repertoire. The ideas, subtleties, and psychological aspects shared in this tutorial can be also implemented on other magic effects or routines.

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