DGT 2010 Official FIDE Chess Clock

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The DGT 2010 is the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation FIDE. It was tested by top international arbiters and approved for use at all FIDE events.

Time forms a part of every sport, especially sports such as chess, go, draughts, shogi, and Scrabble®. The difference between the players is determined not only by the potential performance level of the individual player but also by the time the player needs in order to reach this level. The more a sport is seen as a measure of performance the more important it is to limit the time a player needs to make a move. This must be done in a way that is most appropriate for the game and the sport concerned. The DGT 2010 offers 13 different methods for registering the timing of a game between two players.
While several methods are well known, others may be less familiar. Several of these methods have been in use for a long time; others are the result of the possibilities offered by modern electronics. Every method has its own charm and has an influence on the manner in which a sport is experienced.
The traditional "quickie" of 5 minutes per person is different from 3 minutes using "Delay" or "Bonus" in which every move attracts an extra 3 seconds of thinking time, although the total thinking time for a game is hardly any different. We recommend players to experiment with the various methods which the DGT 2010 offers. It can add an extra dimension to a favorite sport.


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