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March is finally here! So I had this somewhat wacky idea that just came to me this morning to create a blog and make something to share every day for the month of March. So of course my first thought after “let’s do this” was, wait a minute maybe someone else had this idea before me and “Make It March” is already a thing and I can just follow others’ footsteps. A quick search on Google led me to conclude that outside of a crafts shop in the UK, this is pretty much not an established happening. The shop’s rendering is a different set of crafting classes each week in the month of March, so I’m not imitating their event.

Since “Make It March” is not a phenomenon like “Taco Tuesdays” or “Casual Fridays” I decided I needed to spread the word to start the movement. Of course the first step is to create publicity. Oh wait; I’m not a celebrity. So really I’m just advertising this blog. I wanted to make a graphic for “Make It March” to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the word out on social media. I talked over my idea for the blog and wanting to promote it with my business partner (my husband Jon). He suggested I check out a website called canva.com for free images and designs. Apparently they also have videos. And so with a little bit of creative juices flowing and an original image from the graphic artist who designed our logo, I’ve made a fun little 7 second animation announcing “Make It March” to the world.

I’m challenging myself to do 31 makes in 31 days. And no, the short video doesn’t count.

Enjoy this creative adventure! I hope it inspires you to make something too.

Make It March

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