Make #10 – Girl Scouts Cookie Booth Poster / Flyer

It’s still cookie season! So this weekend is it, the big dance so to speak, before it’s all over. Fingers crossed we sell out.

I decided I should create a special flyer to post in the local Facebook groups to get the word out with the intention of increased sales. We’ll be in the parking lot near a main road in our area so we should have random people stopping who see us as well. Last week’s booth went pretty well. Our troop sold 79 boxes in two hours. The sign I made was helpful however the wind blew it down a lot and eventually the girls started holding it. We are running low on a few varieties so I picked up an extra case each of Samoas, Do-si-dos and Tagalongs at a cookie cupboard yesterday. Now I have 116 boxes on hand for what I hope is our last booth this year.

I used the website to make a clever and eye-catching poster. I started with one of their free designs for a high school prom. I really liked the navy background with stars since we’re having our booth on a Friday night so I thought this was a good template for this project. Next I changed the text “Under the Stars” to “March Cookie Madness” and updated the date, time and location of the event. I edited the top most text to read “Pop over to Troop 3037’s Booth” and removed the “Junior-Senior Prom” text box completely.

Original Poster Template

Then I uploaded some of the images I had downloaded from the Little Brownie Bakers website last week, including some of the cookies I used in our booth sign and a graphic of all the boxes/packages for the eight different varieties. I placed the graphic at the bottom of the flyer and centered it. I decided to use a cookie banner graphic for the center and removed the text word “Cookie”. I resized and centered the banner. Also the script text was at an angle so I rotated it to be parallel to the top and bottom. For each cookie image I resized them to be smaller as I added and moved them around the poster. I thought “Do-si-dos” was a pretty clever way to say to stop by so I removed the “Pop” from the top text box and put that cookie to the left to form my phrase. The last steps (before downloading my file from the website) were to add a burst shape and a new text box that read “Accepting Cash, Checks & Cards” since I finally got our troop set up to take credit cards a couple of days ago. I had to put the burst layer back so it wasn’t covering up part of the script text as the final touch.

March Cookie Madness Flyer

I saved the poster as a PNG since I wanted to attach it to Facebook posts. If I were printing it I would save it as a PDF. Overall this was a fun project and I learned a few new things along the way.

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